Below we present instructions on how to configure a reliable backup of Windows, user files, settings based on

We will need three programs for this configuration. The configuration is based on our experience. The programs used are free and have the most important functionalities. The most important of them is reliability.

  1. Microsoft Windows system software for backup and restore points.
  2. Program for creating a local, long-password-protected archive with our backup copy – Duplicati 2.0.
  3. Program for uploading archives with backups via sFTP / SSH to our backup storage server (FreeFileSync).

Always use an external storage medium, a separate drive, for a local copy of Microsoft Windows. You can use the HDD built into the computer (we recommend HGST drives for consumers – the performance of enterprise drives) or an external USB drive (if you use an external USB drive, then in the advanced power options in Microsoft Windows turn off the “selective shutdown of USB devices” function.

  1. First, you need to create two partitions on this recovery disk. It all depends on your needs. For example:
    You have a system with data and files on one hard drive, it contains 100GB of your data. The size of the data increases every now and then.
  2. For such a set, you must have a disk with a minimum capacity of 1 TB. The first partition must be at least 300 GB (for a restore point and backup) and the second partition at least 600 GB (for a copy in “DUPLICATI”).
  3. You create a restore point according to the instructions with a smaller partition: (similar configuration is in Windows Server v. 2012+). Always grant administrator rights.
  4. When done, you create a job in DUPLICATI for the local copy. You select the entire 300 GB disk as the backup object. You select the 600 GB disk as the destination of the copy. You set a schedule and save. You must select “give administrator rights” for the copy from the additional options. Full instructions:
  5. Do not back up DUPLICATI with direct upload to the server – the DUPLICATI service may be unreliable.
  6. Done, you already have a 32-character encrypted (numbers, letters, special characters) archive in AES256 backed up!

    The next step is to create a task in FreeFileSync to synchronize with the server. Compared to DUPLICATI, FreeFileSync resumes file transfer without any problems and errors in the event of an interruption!

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