Do you need physical hard drive or LTO tape for your backups? You can order such a copy at Backuy. We will send it to the address you provide in the order. The cost of such a copy of the data is:
HGST HDD up to 4TB (copy in 7ZIP with password): € 250
HGST HDD up to 6TB (copy in 7ZIP with password): € 350
HGST HDD up to 12TB (copy in 7ZIP with password): € 500
HC550 hard disk up to 18TB (copy in 7ZIP with password): € 650
LTO8 tape up to 30TB (copy in 7ZIP with password): € 900
LTO8 tape up to 12TB (copy without archive): € 750
LTO9 tape up to 45TB (copy in 7ZIP with password): € 1100
LTO9 tape up to 18TB (copy without archive): € 900

We only use the best hardware for physical copies. HGST and WD HC drives allow you to store copies at home for 10 years without damage. In the case of LTO tapes, data can be stored for up to 30 years (this is how manufacturers provide a guarantee).

The cost of delivery of the carriers depends on the country of the recipient and, in accordance with the letter of the country, we provide delivery prices as of July 1, 2021 by GLS forwarding with insurance up to €10.000,00:
DE, PL, AU, CZ, SK, IT, FR: €30
UK, USA, AUS: €60
Other European Union countries in the Schengen area: €40
Other European Union countries outside the Schengen area: €50
Remaining countries in Europe: €60
Other countries in the world: €70

You must know about it. If you order a copy, you must specify the date on which the copy is to be made. At the time of starting the backup, your data will not be available for the duration of the physical copy. It all depends on the space used by the copy. For 45TB backups with 7ZIP archive and encryption, we need 2 calendar days to back up the data.

If you want to order a copy, fill in the form on the contact page with the support team, and then pay the invoice for the service and data carrier. Remember to choose the right topic of conversation.